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Sylvinho: "The team has an identity"

Published on 26 August 2019 at 3:14 PM
Sylvinho : « Mon équipe a une identité et j'aime cela »
OL's head coach spoke to the media on the eve of Tuesday's match at Montpellier.

Ten days off between games

"It's always good to have all the players for 10 days. I enjoyed this period. We reviewed the workload in training so that the players didn't feel like they went 10 ten without a match... It's positive to see all this joy on the pitch." 


Team identity

"Even after these two wins, my vision is the same as before. I have a very good team, but the season is lng. The players are satisfied with the work done and I am satisfied with their work. We are forming a group. The path is still long to progress. There have been changes. Players respond to the methodology. My team has an identity and I like that."


Montpellier, the first real test?

"I don't know who the test is for. I expect a very difficult match... against a very structured team. We will meet a different type of opponent compared to the previous two matches. It will be a real struggle ... We will certainly suffer in future matches. It will be an opportunity to mature... It's not good to be behind, to chase the scoreboard. It's hard to reverse a trend."



"The matches will come fast and thick during the season. I coach 23 players. All will collaborate, all will play. I am satisfied with every one of them. They have a responsibility."


The danger of overconfidence

"The job is just getting started. We've only won two games. We are happy but the players, the coach and the staff know that it's a long road ahead.. but there is a great deal of satisfaction. I feel that the fans and the players are happy. I want that to continue."

Joachim Andersen

"He is a great player. I'm satisfied with him. He got here recently. He has a language problem and he has to adapt to the championship. We must be vigilant about this so that it goes as best as possible."


Ciprian Tatarusanu

"He's a great player, a high-level player. After 40 days of working together, I can say that he is a great professional. I have no problem with him. He's the team's number 2 goalkeeper." 


End of the transfer window 

"I don't think about that. I know it's not over, there may still be speculation. I'm satisfied with my players. The transfer window belongs to the president, Juninho and Florian Maurice."

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