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Thiago Mendes: "I'm inspired by Juninho"

Published on 07 August 2019 at 1:50 PM
Thiago Mendes : « Je m’inspire de Juninho et j’espère avoir sa réussite »
The Brazilian midfielder spoke to the press ahead of Friday's Ligue 1 Conforama 2019/20 season opener at Monaco.

Friday's match vs. Monaco

"The preseason was tough with four losses. I do not like losing, even in training... it's only the beginning. Whether it's me or the rest of the team, we all have to improve. We have an important match against Monaco. We have to be 100 per cent. It's very important to start on the right foot. This year we have very physical training sessions. I think that it will bear fruit beginning on Friday. Monaco is a team that had difficulties last year, but they bought a lot of players over the summer. It's a great team that knows how to be dangerous, but we'll be ready."


A number 6 

Playing higher? I don't know, it'll depend on the competition and the coach's choices. Whatever happens I'll adapt. Although I've done it in the past, it's a bit new to me... but it's just a matter of work. When there's a tactical scheme that's different from what we're used to, we have to adapt. I will give the best of myself for the fans and all those who believe in me."


Settling in at OL

"It's easier to be with Brazilians, of course, but we're all learning French to make it as easy as possible with other players in the squad. Whichever team you play for, you have to adapt. It must always be done to feel at home, no matter if there are Brazilians or not in the team. I'm not the only one who's followed Juninho's career, he is very followed in Brazil. I am inspired by him and I hope that I will have success with OL."


The Brazilian national team

Of course, like all players I am a competitor. My dream is to be on the national team, but for that I must continue to do what I do at my club."

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