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All about OL's next preseason opponent, Genoa

Published on 17 July 2019 at 3:30 PM
Préparation : à la découverte du Genoa avec Cristiano Tassinari
OL will travel to Gueugnon on Saturday night to face Genoa CFC. Euronews journalist Cristiano Tassinari gives us the lowdown on our second opponent of the 2019/20 preseason.

How did it go for Genoa last season in Serie A?

"Genoa is truly one of Italian football's historic teams. But this is a difficult time for the "Griffon" (the club's symbol). They avoided relegation on the last match day thanks to the direct matches with Empoli."


Tell us about Genoa's history?

"It's the oldest club in Italy, founded in 1893. This is the club's thirteenth season in a row in Serie A. There is still a great rivalry with the other team of Genoa: Sampdoria. Older Genoese are traditionally supporters of Genoa. Genoa has won nine Scudettos, but the last one was almost 100 years ago in 1924. It's been way too long. The goal this season will be not to repeat what they went through last year."



What are the team's characteristics?

"Genoa is a traditionally successful team at home. Driven by a noisy crowd, there are many forces and stories at play at the Stadio Luigi Ferraris stadium. It's a club that arguably deserves a lot better."


The rivalry with Sampdoria must lead to some exciting derbies... 

"The derbies are always electric. It's called "the derby of the lantern", in reference to La Lanterna, the lighthouse port that's the symbol of Genoa. These are still battles with a favorable balance sheet in Genoa's favor. Sampdoria has won just one Serie A title, in 1991. It's the new team for young people and the "new Genoese". It's probably more interesting than the Milan and Turin derbies. But it's never a derby where there's a title at stake. It's just for local bragging rights." 

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