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April Heinrichs: "OL dominates the world of women's football"

Published on 17 July 2019 at 11:00 AM
April Heinrichs : « l’OL domine le monde du football féminin »
Ahead of OL's trip to North Carolina for the Women's International Champions Cup (August 15-18), the former player, inaugural World Cup winner in 1991 and Team USA head coach April Heinrichs spoke about Lyon's status in the international football landscape.

Like last season, the 2019 edition of the Women's International Champions Cup will pit three European teams (Atlético Madrid, Manchester City and OL) against an American (North Carolina Courage) opponent. The latter defeated OL in last year's final (1-0)...

"Good players from around the world play for the North Carolina Courage. In the United States, the North Carolina Courage is one of the best American professional league teams, like OL here. When they played each other last year, they weren't in the same stage of their respective seasons. While the North Carolina Courage were in the middle of their season, OL were preparing for the start of their season. Maybe if there's another match, OL will be more prepared. That's because I don't think they expected to lose the last match against the Americans, who had several important absentees playing on the national team. There could be a different result this time around."



How is OL Féminin perceived in the United States?

"The media has recognized all of OL Feminin's success. They reported how they won the championship and the Champions League several seasons in a row, as the men's team did previously in Ligue 1. There are some "dynasties" that dominate the world of football. I think that OL is the dynasty of European and world football."