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Martin Terrier: "We're excited about the new season"

Published on 10 July 2019 at 8:00 AM
Martin Terrier : « Il y a beaucoup d’excitation pour cette nouvelle saison »
Fully recovered from a virus that kept him out of the Euro U-21 Championship, the 22-year-old striker has high expectations for himself ahead of the 2019-20 season - his second at Olympique Lyonnais.

Martin, how are you feeling after coming down with a virus earlier this summer?

"I went through a tough period in June being sick, but I'm doing much better. That's behind me and now I'm focused on preparing for next season. Having to drop out of the Euro U-21 with France was tough. I'd been waiting for the competition for a long time, I couldn't wait to get started. It's football. I had trouble watching the matches. I saw the one against Spain, it was difficult but we've qualified for the Olympics." 


How has the training camp in Tignes been so far?

"I feel very good. I can't wait to start the new season. The sessions are very intense. I'm happy to get to know some of the younger players... they have the most to prove here. There is a very good atmosphere."


How has it been with a new head coach in charge?

"We're adapting to the language barrier. We make an effort to understand each other. There is a lot of excitement. Defensive rigor was lacking last season, and Sylvinho understood that well. We must work on it."




What are you looking to prove in your second season at OL?

"I want to maintain what I did last year and do even better this time. It took a bit of time for me after my arrival to get used to everything and then I got a little more playing time, which allowed me to show what I'm about. I want to repeat last season's performances and score the most amount of goals possible. A striker sets goals at the beginning of the season. It would be nice to score over 10 goals in the league and 15 in all competitions."


What can you tell us about the two Lille players who've signed for OL ?

"It's a good thing, they are two good players. I played a long time with Youssouf Koné and I met Thiago Mendes for a few weeks before going to Strasbourg. They will contribute to the team. Yusuf is a beast physically, with speed and power. He is very solid. Thiago is a Brazilian who's comfortable with both feet."




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