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Jason Denayer: "Coming to OL has given me a lot"

Published on 11 July 2019 at 9:00 AM
Jason Denayer : « Venir à l’OL m’a déjà beaucoup apporté »
The Belgian defender, who missed the end of last season due to injury, is back and ready to take on the challenge of the 2019/20 campaign.

Jason, how are you feeling after your late season injury?

"It's doing much better. I took advantage of the holidays to get back to fitness... I'm ready to take on the new season. I'm still lacking a few things to be in top physical shape. We don't really like all the physical work during these training camps, but we must go through them. We still try to have fun doing it."


How have these first days with Sylvinho been?

"The gaffer speaks English, as do a large majority of players. He can also speak Portuguese. He's demanding. He likes things to be well done. We adapt to the profile of the coach. This is our job. This isn't a problem for us. The coach relies a lot on videos. It's a good thing, it's important at this time. The game will change a bit, the coach will add his touch. We've already worked well defensively with him."


How would you rate last season and what are your goals for the upcoming campaign?

"I had a great season. I played a lot of matches. This allowed me to return to the Belgium national team. Coming to OL has given me a lot. The most important thing will be to do the same in terms of the number and quality of matches. Competition is good for the team. This is pushing everyone to work harder."


What are the team's ambitions?

Collective objectives have been put in place and we will focus on that. These are the same as last season, with the Champions League in sight. The club has made certain things available that weren't last season. There are expectations."