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OL Le Musée: Experience a Unique Adventure with Audioguides

Published on 03 October 2019 at 7:00 PM
OL Le Musée : vivez une aventure augmentée avec les audioguides | Nouveauté
Enjoy an unforgettable visit this thanks to our new French and English-language audioguides! Along the way, your audioguide will give you access to all the secrets hidden throughout the Museum!

More than just a visit, OL Le Musée immerses you into the amazing history of this club thanks to a unique interactive experience!

Throughout the displays and exhibits, 69 years of history will play out in front of you via screens and sensory activities. Take part in OL's incredible stories alongside the players, coaches, leaders and fans who have made this club a legend!


OL Le Musée welcomes fans all summer long every Tuesday through Sunday


OL Le Musée is open for everyone, 
individuals, groups, associations, schoolchildren all year long 
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