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Tony Parker, Jean-Michel Aulas sign partnership agreement

Published on 22 June 2019 at 3:10 PM
Tony Parker et Jean-Michel Aulas signent un accord de partenariat
A press conference was held Saturday at the Astroballe, in the presence of Presidents Jean-Michel Aulas (OL) and Tony Parker (LDLC ASVEL and Lyon ASVEL Féminin), to announce OL's acquisition of a minority stake in LDLC ASVEL and Lyon ASVEL Women. In addition, the creation of an event room in the framework of the development around the OL City project was also discussed.



The Club has signed a partnership agreement with LDLC ASVEL and Lyon ASVEL Féminin, which provides for a minority equity stake for OL Groupe, as well representation of the Club in governance bodies.


A strategic agreement has also been reached that will allow Olympique Lyonnais to benefit from the international image and reputation of Tony Parker, particularly in the United States and China, territories where OL Groupe intends to continue to develop. This agreement also provides for synergies between both clubs, particularly in ticketing, sponsoring, seminars and general commercial activities.


Tony Parker and Jean-Michel Aulas wish to continue the historic anchoring of LDLC ASVEL in Villeurbanne. For this, all LDLC ASVEL matches will be played at the Astroballe until the opening of the future arena of OL Group, and eventually all Jeep Elite league games and some EuroLigue matches will continue to be played in Villeurbanne. On the other hand, LDLC ASVEL should play prestigious Euroleague matches in the future OL Groupe arena once it's operational. LDLC ASVEL is the only French team to have been selected to participate in EuroLigue next season.





On the occasion of this press conference, Olympique Lyonnais took the opportunity to unveil more details of a planned theater in line with its "OL City" project, while also announcing a new music festival called "FELYN".


The new Olympique Lyonnais arena will complement OL City's existing and future infrastructure, which includes Groupama Stadium (opened on January 9, 2016), the Kopster Hotel (opened October 1, 2018), OL Le Musée (inaugurated on May 28, 2018), the medical center (opening planned for mid-July 2019), the "Les Loges" office building (opening planned for October 2019), and the leisure center (opening forecast for fall 2020).

The arena will be able to accommodate concerts (15,000-16,000 people), sporting events (12,000 people) and large-scale seminars (3,000 people). The arena will be located near the stadium and the tram station for easy access and will be able to host 100 events per year. The commissioning should take place by 2023-2024. OL will own 100% of the new arena and will also be in charge of its operation.


"The creation project was born from a simple observation and a need for the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Region: to create a new event room capable of organizing shows and major events. This new arena will be able to accommodate 15 to 16,000 people, making it the largest event hall in France outside of Paris." - Jean Michel AULAS, President OL Groupe


Also as part of its "Full Entertainment" development, OL Groupe and Olympia Production, a subsidiary of Vivendi, announced this week the creation of a new annual music festival dubbed "FELYN". Its first edition will take place on June 19-20, 2020 at Groupama Stadium. Lineups and performers will be unveiled by the end of 2019.