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Jean-Luc Vasseur: "The bar is high, but I accept it"

Published on 18 June 2019 at 3:21 PM
Jean-Luc Vasseur : « Je soupèse la chance d’arriver dans un tel club »
The new OL Féminin head coach was officially introduced to the media Tuesday afternoon.

Jean-Luc Vasseur, new head coach of OL Féminin

"I am very happy to be here... I visited the stadium and the museum. You can feel the weight of the history of this club. It's an honor. I thank the president for trusting in me. The bar is high, but I accept it because winning is in the DNA of the club. I've been entrusted with a fine-tuned machine... Playing well is something that I have always been in favor of... I am delighted to be leading a women's team. I don't limit myself in life. This challenge has arrived and it's very interesting. I'm extremely proud to arrive at OL. The club has always had teams that I've liked... We got in touch a couple of weeks ago. We met. Things advanced from there." 



Jean-Michel Aulas

"Jean-Luc Vasseur arrives for two years with full responsibility. I am very happy. The profile fits perfectly with what we wanted to do... It remains to be decided on his next deputy. It is a comprehensive team that will accompany him to pursue our ambitions. We have managed to renew ourselves to maintain performances that are getting more and more difficult every year. We have also made good progress on signings. We wanted to change the technical organization of this team to be even more professional... It was important to keep growing with the arrival of Jean-Luc. We've finalized the arrival of four players: Katrina Talaslahti, Janice Cayman, Nikita Parris and Jessica Silva. Emelyne Laurent, back from loan, will be with us next season. Sole Jaimes is leaving. The team will be back on July 15th... Women's football has always been a source of motivation and permanent happiness. The enthusiasm of this team rubs off all over the club." 


Gérard Houllier

"I am lucky to know him as a man and as a player. I followed his career as a player, but also as a coach. He has played in the elite of men's football. He will continue to improve the women's team. He is the right man. He will fit in well with the Lyon philosophy... The girls are very competitive. They always want results."