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Jean-Michel Aulas: "We believe strongly in this ambitious project"

Published on 17 June 2019 at 5:39 PM
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OL partners with the Pelé Academia


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Jean-Michel Aulas : « Nous croyons fort à ce très grand projet »
OL's president spoke at a press conference in Brazil to announce the club's new partnership with the Pelé Academia.

Jean-Michel Aulas


"We are infinitely proud and happy to be here. Being able to collaborate on something that is the brainchild of Pele's is fantastic for us. The principles that have prevailed in the development of Groupe Olympique Lyonnais, which is one of the leading European football groups, are very complementary to those that prevailed in the creation of the Pelé Academia. The history of OL has been written with Brazil and we have always kept this culture in our hearts. This orientation towards Brazil is not due to chance. It is due to a strategic analysis. We found in the Pelé project all the fundamentals that will allow our club, as well as the Academy, to bring something innovative in terms of the formation of players. We went back on the best years of OL's growth by trusting in Brazilian quality. Beginning this season, we will have a team composed of many Brazilians, both in the staff and on the pitch, to try to catch up with PSG. We have come to add value to the formation of players. Football-wise, we are the ones who learned from Brazil. That is why our association will be very complementary to me. We believe strongly in this very ambitious project."