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Groupama Stadium sets attendance records in 2018/19

Published on 03 June 2019 at 2:00 PM
Groupama Stadium : une moyenne record en L1 de 49 079 spectacteurs
Groupama Stadium welcomed an average of 49,079 fans in Ligue 1 Conforama this season, versus last season's average of 46,006 fans.
The overall Ligue 1 Conforama attendance also reached a historic record of 8.67 million spectators for the 2018-2019 season.

The average of 49,079 fans per game is an all-time record for Olympique Lyonnais, which this season was second in L1 behind Olympique de Marseille, but ahead of Paris Saint Germain. In comparison, the average attendance during the last season at Gerland, 2014-2015, was 34,949 fans per game.

This season's OL-PSG clash registered the highest Ligue 1 attendance at Groupama Stadium with 57,624 spectators, followed closely by the Match Day 6 "Olympico" that gathered 57,257 fans and finally, 56,642 spectators for OL-Lille.

In addition, eight of 19 home games this season had an average attendance of more than 50,000 - compared to seven in 2017-2018 and three in 2016-2017.




On the European stage, the Champions League games against Hoffenheim, Manchester City and FC Barcelona attracted an average of 55,926 spectators. The Round of 16 first leg against FC Barcelona helped establish a new attendance record for an Olympique Lyonnais match at Groupama Stadium with 57,889 fans.



On the women's side, the fans also broke all records this season with an average attendance of 19,220 fans for the four matches played at Groupama Stadium, versus last season's average of 12,391 spectators. 


  • Coupe de France | OL - PSG: 10,217
  • Womens Champions League | OL - Worfsburg: 17,840
  • D1 Féminine | OL - PSG: 25,907 
  • Womens Champions League | OL - Chelsea: 22,916


A total of 25,907 spectators attended the OL-PSG clash that decided the D1 Féminine title race, a record for a women's league game in France.

With 22,911 supporters showing up for the OL-Chelsea Women's Champions League semifinal first leg, Groupama Stadium and OL Féminine set a Women's Champions League attendance record for a non-final match.

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