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Reynald Pedros: "This is happiness"

Published on 20 May 2019 at 7:00 PM
Reynald Pedros : « que du bonheur »
Fresh off winning the club's sixth Women's Champions League title that sealed the Treble for the 2018/19 season, OL's head coach visited "OL Access" on Monday night to look back at another historic campaign.

Women’s Champions League win

"This is happiness. It will take a little bit of time to sink in. There's fatigue. We have to take a step back because we have been emerged throughout the season and there's been a lot of pressure since January. It's a relief but there's also a sense of emotion. My first thought is to thank my staff. They don't get enough credit. A huge thank you to them for the past two years."


The final  

"We made a small mistake early on. Barcelona immediately had a chance that they didn't put away. We knew how to punish them. The idea was to alternate between possession and rapid forward attacks. If we were technically clean, we would have chances. We scored four goals. We had a very tough semifinal."

Winning the Treble

"It's so much work. We're all very proud of these titles. It's in the DNA of the club and the players. When we take stock of these two seasons, we have often heard that the competition is catching up with us, but we are still ahead. We've proven that we're an exceptional team."


Thoughts and impressions

"The president was with us the day before... We had the mission to come back with the trophy for him. This is the first time he didn't travel [with the team]. We didn't get much sleep. Lyon is the French flag-bearer of clubs. All the players will go to the World Cup with a smile. Now they have to come back with a smile. Not all of them (laughs). Bruno Genesio is a great man. He is an honest, upright man who always puts the interest of the club ahead of his own and has sent his team to the Champions League."

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