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Jason Denayer: "I think we'll finish the season well"

Published on 04 May 2019 at 4:00 PM
Jason Denayer : « Titiller Lille tant que c’est encore possible »
Lyon's defender, an offseason signing from Manchester City, reflected on his first campaign with Les Gones and his end-of-the-season goals.

Jason, how have you settled in with Lyon? 

When I arrived here, I knew a little about the club's history I already knew what had happened before. I'd visited, I liked the city and the people welcomed me here, so everything went well.


You were courted by other clubs, why did you come here? 

Knowing that the scout followed me for a long time, it was something that made me happy and it was something that proved that there was a real desire for the club to sign me. It weighed a lot in my decision.


Do you remember your first goal for Lyon? 

Yes, scoring that goal was a great memory for me and I don't think I'll forget it. When you score in a match, you really enjoy it, especially when you're a defender. And to score in a derby makes it even more special. 




How's your relationship with Marcelo? 

He's someone with more experience than me. He's also someone who likes to talk and he's posed. He likes to give me advice, so yes, we get along well together and I think we complement each other on the pitch. 


How was it visiting your old club Manchester City during the Champions League?

Returning to City was a special moment. The most important thing was to stay focused on football and not to get emotional. But when you win against big teams, you get a lot more confidence and your goals become bigger.


Then there was the penalty against Barcelone… Looking back on it, was it a foul on Luis Suarez? 

When I saw the images, my suspicions were confirmed. There was no need to call a penalty. But it's football, if we keep thinking of every little moment like that, I don't think we move forward. If there was no penalty, it would have been another match. Now would the score be the same or not? I can't say. 


When you go to the Centre Léon Bérard to visit the young patients, what do you feel?

Visiting sick children in the hospital makes you realize how lucky you are to be in good health and do the work that you do. When we go to see them, we hope to motivate them and give them a little bit of happiness. Of course it puts everything in perspective.




Is the [Coupe de France] loss to Rennes still on everyone's mind? 

It was a difficult moment. We were hoping to the final and it was tough to take.  I think we could have done better. In football, some times are tougher than others, but it's part of the game. We have to keep our heads up and continue to work.


What did the win against Angers do for team morale?

When you win matches you gain confidence, and it was a team win. If we continue like this, I think we'll finish the season well.


What's the goal for the end of the season? 

Catch up to Lille, as long as it's still mathematically possible. We believe it can be done and we'll do everything to make it happen. But the most important thing is to finish the season and win all the games we have left. 

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