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"Winning titles is the best preparation for the World Cup"

Published on 02 May 2019 at 9:34 PM
« Gagner des titres est la meilleure préparation pour le Mondial »
Lyon's players reacted to getting called up host nation France for this summer's Women's World Cup.

Amandine Henry

"The announcement was a great moment for me. I was at home with my family and relatives. The list is solid, there are no real surprises. It's good for success, youth, experience, speed and talent. This is the last step before starting the World Cup, but it's been on our minds a long time."


Amel Majri

"I was at home. I was looking forward to this moment. I'm really happy to see my name [in the squad]. I'm really proud. I can't wait to start the competition. I've already missed one tournament. Physically, I hope everything will be fine for me. We still have some matches with the club and I hope that will inspire us for the future."


Delphine Cascarino

"It was very stressful. I had chills. Now I'm reassured and very happy. This will be my first international competition. I did everything, working as hard as I could... It's really a dream come true."


Eugénie Le Sommer

"There was a lot of waiting because you're never sure you're going to get called up. The list is here and it's good that it's over with. There were some uncertainties... It's been on our minds for a long time."


Griedge Mbock

"I was very happy to see my name on the list. I'm proud... There are still big club goal for us to achieve and that's the best way to prepare for the World Cup."


Sarah Bouhaddi

"I'm really happy. It's always a pleasure. It's a relief because it's officially done. The group has been the same for a few months, we've managed to build something. Now it's up to us to get the job done".


Wendie Renard

"The 23 players are now known. We can say that the World Cup has started. It will happen quickly, but I don't want to trivialize the last matches with the club. Winning titles is the best preparation for the World Cup."