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Pape Cheikh on OL Access: "We want to make the coach proud"

Published on 01 May 2019 at 5:45 PM
Pape Cheikh dans OL Access : « Pour faire ressentir de la fierté à notre coach »
The Lyon midfielder spoke with Julia Vial and Serge Colonge about the team's end-of-the-season run with just four games remaining in the 2018/19 campaign.

Last week's win at Bordeaux

"It was a tough match, but we never gave up. We went all out to pull off the win at Bordeaux. We had a few days off. We tried disconnecting a little, but it's hard to do. It's good to enjoy time with the family."


Back to winning ways... 

"There was a lack of luck, a lack of confidence. We had some good talks, we all got together and when we do things well, there is no reason for it not to go well. When everyone runs, when we play simple, things become easy. There's nothing to talk about anymore - we just have to do our talking on the pitch."


The end of the run for Bruno Genesio...

"We want to finish the season strong for the coach. Make him proud of us. This is also why we questioned ourselves."


Sunday's match vs. Lille

"We have to win. We have to and we will. There are four league games left and in order to stay on the podium we can't lose or draw any more games. We know this. We have no pressure compared to Saint-Etienne... Lille have a very fast attack. They go forward very quickly. We must be wary of that. It's surprising to see them as high as they are [in the standings] this year. They started well and they stayed consistent."


His season

"My first season was complicated. I had to improve physically when I arrived in France. Things have changed. I would love to play a little more, but I feel good this season. I feel good in Lyon, it's a calm city."

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