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Reynald Pedros: "It will take a lot to qualify"

Published on 26 April 2019 at 2:50 PM
Reynald Pedros : « Pas de relâchement possible à un match d’une finale »
Lyon's coach and defender Griedge Mbock spoke ahead of Sunday's Women's Champions League semifinal second leg at Chelsea.

Reynald Pedros

"Things are looking better for Amandine Henry. We will take stock today. We are very optimistic ... Psychologically it's good to have won the title at Dijon before Chelsea... We are ready. We will look at things that weren't done well in the first leg. We have to change our attitude a bit, especially defensively. But these are very easily fixable things for us. There is nothing alarming, on the contrary. If we improve on that, chances are we will qualify. The girls know what is expected of them. It's about recovery, watching, very short sessions... So we already know what to do. There won't be major tactical changes for the second leg. We remain confident but it will take a lot to qualify, as in the first leg. There can be no relaxation in a European semifinal match." 


Griedge Mbock

"There were some ingredients missing during the first half against Dijon. We had better intentions after the break. We celebrated a little in the locker room after the match. We wanted to win the title at Dijon to be fully prepared for Chelsea. This match allowed us to free ourselves psychologically ... We will go to London with the same intentions as in Wolfsburg. Chelsea is an eye-catching team."

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