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Jean-Michel Aulas: "These players amaze me"

Published on 26 April 2019 at 11:18 PM
Jean-Michel Aulas : « De la révolte et du talent »
Lyon's president spoke to OLTV after Friday's 3-2 win over Bordeaux.

Jean-Michel Aulas


Bruno is doing an admirable job because the context isn't always easy. The players revolted in the locker room during the break. They knew they could do it. There have been refereeing decisions that have hurt us. The result is all the more rewarding because we are the first big team to win here... We made the best decision possible with Bruno. He sacrificed himself. He made that decision and I validated it. The players supported him and want to repay him by finishing on the podium. There is an awareness. These players amaze me because we saw a revolt and talent. We can continue to dream. We have four difficult matches ahead of us, but this one was decisive. We will remain focused... The next coach? We have ideas, but we don't know yet if we can implement them. I have to work in secret. I don't want any information leaking out so we have every chance to sign someone big. 

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