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Sarah Bouhaddi: "Something we'll always be proud of"

Published on 25 April 2019 at 7:15 PM
Sarah Bouhaddi : « Toujours autant de fierté »
Lyon's goalkeeper was Thursday night's special guest of "OL Access," discussing the team's 13th straight D1 Féminine title and the Women's Champions League semifinal tie with Chelsea.

Wednesday's win over Dijon 


"Some players had very little play time lately, so they needed to pick up the pace. We still played a good first half, even if we weren't quite there in terms of physical impact. We wanted to shake them and pressure them from the opening whistle. We scored quickly enough and from that point on, we knew how it was going to unfold." 



A 13th straight D1 Féminine title


"It's something to always be proud of. It wasn't an easy season. Yesterday we had a good laugh in the locker room, but it remained calm and measured because we have a very important match in a few days. We may be having a bigger party this weekend if we qualify. The president was very proud after the PSG match. I think he will be very proud this weekend if we go to the Champions League final. This is the main goal of the club. Right now he's being restrained, but he'll let loose this weekend if we manage to go to the final."



The calendar 


"It's a little stupid to play a league game between two Champions League games. When we know that we have French clubs that are likely to go to the Champions League semifinals, we should be a little more careful when making the schedule to try to protect the players."



The first leg vs. Chelsea 


"The penalty? It happened right before the break and it was up to me to get the job done. These are the games when the club, the fans rely most on me. I knew that Chelsea were a great team because I knew the players, but I did not expect them to play the way that they did in Lyon. In the end, they came with some very offensive assets. I think their objetive was a score a goal. We played a good game and got the win. We shouldn't celebrate too quickly, but go there with the same convictions as the first leg".