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Martin Terrier: "It's all mental"

Published on 18 April 2019 at 9:00 AM
Martin Terrier : « tout est lié au mental »
The Lyon striker was Wednesday night's special guest on OLTV's "OL Access" and spoke about his first season at the club, the team's current rough patch, and his end of the season goals.

Hosting Angers on Friday

"We have the chance to kick off the match day. This can put pressure on our competitors. They're a solid team defensively with big players."


The final run-in

"We're still eyeing second place. We have to be ambitious while watching our back. Lille are keeping pace. It's my Academy club, so I'm very happy for them. They have offensive players that do a lot of damage. We don't want to see Saint-Etienne ahead of us. It's another way of motivating us. We have to worry about ourselves, then we'll worry about the standings".


The team's current slump

"It's a tough stretch that's happening at the worst time because we're at the end of the season. It's all mental. We have the technical and tactical qualities. You have to be able to work together. We're not doing enough right now. You have to be more focused after opening the score. There's a good [team] atmosphere. We laugh a lot. As with all teams there's some tension, but that's part of the day-to-day stuff. Everybody is concerned."

Bruno Genesio's decision

That was a surprise. We didn't know [it was going to happen]. The coach told us the day after the match. He took his responsibilities. Now it's up to us to take ours on the pitch. I don't think it impacted the group, but can rather ease some tensions off the field... It's up to us".  

His first season with Lyon

"I'm getting a lot of experience... The guys on the French U21 team helped me settle in quickly. Personally I'm on a good run even if the results aren't there. I'm trying to help pull everyone up. I haven't had the chance to play just behind the strikers. My performances have been better on the left side... I have to create more chances and continue giving everything I've got. I hope to be at OL a long time, assert myself and win titles with this club. I am quiet and discreet. I have to change that on the pitch."

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