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OL among L1's most popular clubs: poll

Published on 27 March 2019 at 6:00 PM
L1  : l'OL dans le Top 3  des clubs suscitant le plus d’intérêt| Sondage Ipsos
The latest IPSOS survey confirmed Lyon's high level of prestige among a sample of 5,000 French football fans.

Fan favorites

OL rank in the top three among France's favorite L1 Conforama clubs: 56% of those polled said they are interested in OL - a figure far superior to the majority of L1 Conforma clubs, who had an average of 33% fan interest. 

At the national level, OL are also among the top three clubs in nine out of France's 12 regions: 64% of those surveyed in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region are interested in OL, and 60% exclusively support the Club.


Club image


OL strengthened their already excellent image even more this season: 78% of people interested in football have a good image of the club, placing OL in a leading position in terms of image in the eastern half of France, and second overall nationally.


The Rhone club's very strong image is based on solid pillars, systematically higher than the average scores observed throughout Ligue 1.

For more than 80% of people, OL are a club that develops players (81%), is dynamic (83%) and is attractive (80%). On the other hand, OL ranks second in terms of ambition (85%) and prestige (80%).

In addition, more than half of those surveyed identified OL as a club engaged in the community and social activities, thanks to the initiatives of the club's foundation.

In terms of "Advocacy," the number of supporters remains at a respectable 53%: the second-highest ranking among all L1 Conforama clubs.
The number of club "defenders" therefore remains high, with 53% of people saying that, if asked, they would call the club good.


Women's team


Unsurprisingly, and given its excellent sporting results season after season, the club's women's team is the one that attracts the most interest among football fans. Thirty per cent of respondents have an interest in the women's team, compared to 14% on average for all other clubs with female squads.