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Reynald Pedros: "We need to be in Champions League mode"

Published on 08 February 2019 at 7:00 PM
Reynald Pedros : « Nous devons être en mode Champions League »
OL's manager and Amandine Henry spoke to the media on the eve of Saturday's Women's Coupe de France quarterfinal against Paris Saint-Germain.

Reynald Pedros

Injury report

"The squad is almost complete. Selma Bacha is joining the U19s this weekend because she's coming back from injury. Caroline Simon, still in the recovery phase, isn't quite ready. The rest of the group is operational... The postponement of the match against Paris FC wasn't easy. We trained last weekend. The only thing that motivates the players is competition. It was therefore necessary to compensate by training. We trained well and we prepared well for this game."

Last two matches against PSG

"If we analyze things, we have lowered our level of play in the last two games against PSG (2018 Coupe de France final and the first leg in the league this season). It's annoying. PSG have more motivation when they play against us. We need to be in Champions League mode. We must play at the highest standard... We're not thinking about revenge, we're preparing well and we'll see what happens."

A turning point for the remainder of the season?

"Beating PSG would give us a great chance to win the Coupe de France. This would be a real advantage. The rest of the games should be manageable. Playing them in February changes a lot for the future. It's a direct confrontation and we play at home, which is very positive for us. But these are just words, the truth will be on the pitch."

The referee

"It will be up to us to make sure that the mistakes of the past finals aren't repeated. We must be competitors and avoid that the referee influences the outcome of the match. It's the same referee as the last Coupe de France final, but that doesn't change anything. It's up to us to win."

PSG's roster moves

"Paris remain a consistent team with quality. The club is two points from us and they're still competing in three different tournaments. There have been departures and arrivals, but that doesn't change a thing." 


pedros une


Amandine Henry

Losing to PSG in last season's final

"I don't think we'll ever turn the page on that. We're as hungry as ever. We will try to reverse the scenario tomorrow... We'll need to be patient and score on our first chances. We have to be more decisive in front of goal and manage PSG on the counterattack. We've worked well with the staff, especially on several systems. We know that if we raise our level of play, we can beat any team."

Referee mistakes

"At the time we were very disappointed. We are therefore even more motivated with respect to these referee mistakes. But the match must first be won on the pitch."

The intensity of the matches

"We want to play, training never replaces competition, even if some training is more intense than matches. It doesn't change our motivation. We play to win."

Thoughts on PSG

"PSG have strengthened well. It's a team that works together and has improved. They showed a lot of quality against Montpellier." 

Playing at Groupama Stadium

"The president asked us where we wanted to play. Groupama Stadium puts us in a big game mood and I think this environment will allow us to transcend ourselves."


henry une

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