Eugénie Le Sommer on OL Access: "It's a permanent fight"

Published on 07 February 2019 at 10:35 AM
Eugénie Le Sommer dans OL Access : « C’est un combat permanent »
OL's star striker was the special guest of Julia Vial and Serge Colonge ahead of Saturday's Women's Coupe de France quarterfinal clash with PSG.

Cup clash with PSG

"There is no stress, just impatience. We want to be there. It's at Groupama Stadium so there will be a special atmosphere. It adds a little flavor. The preparation is a litttle different... There's not really a feeling of revenge for last season's final. It's another season. It was a bit odd for us to lose out on this trophy. We want to bring it home ... We would like the other teams to follow our example with PSG and have an even more competitive championship." 


The 1-1 draw with PSG earlier in the D1 season

"It was a close match. We had the resources and the quality to come back after Paris opened the score. We didn't manage to win. I expect the same kind of match. PSG have good players... I was only able to play a few minutes because I was coming back from injury. I really want to play this game."


The Women's World Cup in France

"I'm impatiently awaiting it. It's coming after the season ends. A World Cup, at home to boot. What an event I hope it's a nice party. We're being talked about more and more. It's up to us to perform. We're thinking about it but we're not yet fully focused on it. There are still other obligations to take care of."


Amel Majri's Lion d'Or award

"We were happy for her. This rewards a beautiful 2018 for her. I hope she does the same in 2019 and helps us go as far as possible."


Post-playing career plans

"I realize that it will all stop one day. I'm lucky to have been around players who have retired. I am closer to the end than the beginning. It doesn't have to be sad, you have to prepare for it. My life will change, but I'll surely stay involved in sports or football. I try to find what I want to do."


Her training camps 

"I organize everything from A to Z. I had a lot of requests for the first ones. This encouraged me to continue. It's something I like to do. It was a pleasant surprise. It is important for me to express myself. I realized that I also had a role as a professional player to show youngsters the way. Girls are not yet totally accepted in football. It's a permanent fight."


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