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Bruno Genesio: "The players showed they have character"

Published on 16 January 2019 at 9:38 PM
Bruno Genesio : « On est encore à réaction malheureusement »
Lyon's coach and his players spoke to OLTV after Wednesday's come-from-behind 2-2 draw at Toulouse.

Bruno Genesio

"All our matches are similar, with lots of chances. We are still playing reactively, unfortunately. The end of the game shows that there is quality, but it must be shown from the beginning. It's good to tie the score. We were absent... during the first 20 minutes. It must be emphasized that we managed to tie the score, and this shows that we have character. The players know they can do it."

Anthony Lopes

"We are disappointed because we had other ambitions coming here. We lost points at home and we had to take three points here. We still had situations, as in every game. It's too bad. We need to improve our finishing. It's a little complicated. We're frustrated."

Nabil Fekir

"We never really got into this match. The pitch isn't an excuse. We managed to get back in the game and had some chances to win. We can't stop now... There were some positives. You have to have the same state of mind from the beginning of the match... The derby? It's a very important and decisive game. We have to be ready."

Oumar Solet

"It was good for me to play my first match in L1. I am very happy. I hope things continue like this... The beginning of the match was tough. The goal was to tie the score. Nabil's free kick saved us. There is a bit of regret all the same."