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Bruno Genesio: "You have to take risks"

Published on 15 January 2019 at 12:49 PM
Bruno Genesio : « On se doit de mettre plus de folie dans nos matches »
Lyon's coach discussed his team's current state ahead of Wednesday's mid-week clash at Toulouse

Injury report

"Everyone is operational except for Amine Gouiri and Rafael. Fernando Marçal is suspended... Nabil Fekir trained normally yesterday and today. I do not have any concerns about his physical condition. He is strong and he has already shown that he is able to turn it around." 


OL's hectic schedule due to previous postponements

"There will be a lot of matches tomorrow. This will give a more accurate picture of the standings. We are particularly interested in our schedule and the number of points we must take."


The match vs. Toulouse

"The big challenge of this match is to move closer to second place. This is important because Lille are no longer there by chance. You have to.. stay very close to them because they're a team that's full of confidence and will be there until the end of the season... A change of system with Marçal ruled out? It's a possibility. The teams watch us and are familiar with our three-man defense."


Four straight matches on the road

"It's a good thing for me. Teams are more organized when they visit [Groupama Stadium]. They are more inclined to attack when playing at home."  


The last two performances

"We're all aware that we didn't play well. But when we analyze closer, there are facts in play that were against us that could've allowed us to win. I told the players that sometimes, things happen for a reason... We need to be a little wilder. We have to play faster moving forward... We have possession, but it lacks effectiveness... We need to take risks to destabilize the opponent. Failure isn't the end of the world. There is a lack of efficiency in both offense and defense right now. We must be able to win matches 1-0."


Physical issues?

"More intense efforts are made during the second half. The number is between 20% and 25% more than the first period. It's a big gap both individually and collectively, and it was already the case against Strasbourg. This is not related to the preseason preparation. It's more mental. We must be more aggressive... and less reactive." 



"He hasn't scored in a few games but, for example, his second half against Reims was pretty good. It's above all a collective problem. When not everything is there collectively, individual performances can't be at their highest. He shows that he is trying and playing for the team. It hasn't been successful at the moment, but it will be. There's no problem." 


Thoughts on VAR

"It's always related to the person's interpretation. Video has solved some problems, but there were still three different interpretations this weekend about the same kind of situations. It's necessary to have a consensus. I had a conversation with the referee who officiated the Reims match. You can't tell me that there is no penalty because the foul isn't intentional. We must help the referees. This influences the outcome of a match."