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eSports: CocoVBastos and Aero kick off 2019 calendar year

Published on 10 January 2019 at 2:00 PM
eSports : un début d'année chargé pour CocoVBastos et Aero
See how OL's eSports players fared in their first tests of the year.

OL's two eSports players went straight to business in the first weekend of 2019, with the traditional FUT Champions weekend league as well as online qualifiers for the FUT Champions Cup 5 (scheduled for March 2019 in Singapore).



On Playstation 4, Corentin "CocoVBastos" had 28 wins and 2 losses. While not a perfect start to 2019, he prepared in very good conditions for the next installments, including the Orange e-Ligue 1.

On Xbox, Marvyn "Aero"was on the verge of starting the year with a 30-0 record, but was finally defeated in one of the last two games of the weekend against another professional player. He finished his series with 29 wins and 1 loss. A very good omen before the various deadlines of January and especially in the lead-up to the Orange e-Ligue 1.


CocoVBastos (PS4): 28 wins and 2 losses
Aero (Xbox One): 29 wins and 1 loss 





Online qualifiers for the FUT Champions Cup 5 - scheduled for March in Singapore - took place on the weekend of January 5 and 6. The destination was obviously a great source of extra motivation for Corentin "CocoVBastos" Vicogne and Marvyn "Aero" Robert, who wanted to be part of this adventure.

Unfortunately, neither player was successful in the qualifiers since they were both eliminated before the final table. To access the table, participants need to win at least six of their eight matches.  

Full results: 






  • Jan 7-11  
    Qualifiers for the FIFA eClub World Cup

  • Jan 12-13
    FUT Champions weekend league
    Final stages of the PS4 & Xbox Orange e-Ligue 1 winter tournament

  • Jan 18
    Finals of the Orange e-Ligue 1 winter tournament

  • Jan 19-20 
    FUT Champions weekend league

  • Jan 26-27 
    FUT Champions weekend league