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Bruno Genesio: "We didn't deserve more"

Published on 08 January 2019 at 11:58 PM
Bruno Genesio : « On ne méritait peut-être pas mieux »
Lyon's coach and his players couldn't hide their disappointment after Tuesday night's Coupe de la Ligue exit at the hands of Strasbourg (1-2).

Bruno Genesio

"We are disappointed because we wanted to go to the end. It's a big disappointment to be eliminated at home. We didn't have patience or luck. But it's often the case that the team that wants the qualification most gets it. And in this sense, Strasbourg surely had more desire than us. We didn't deserve more. We often repeat the same mistakes, one way or the other. We still have work and correct them. It's good to play again soon at home."

Mathieu Gorgelin

"They had two chances and scored two goals. It's frustrating... With the number of situations we created, given the difficulty of creating opportunities at this level, it's a shame to have missed out. But it wasn't a bad performance, otherwise we wouldn't have had so many chances."

Martin Terrier

"We have only ourselves to blame. In football, you have to score goals. And that's what they did, unlike us. Solidarity is their main quality. It may not be nice to look, but it's effective. These are important qualities in team sports."

Fernando Marçal

"It's frustrating. We played a good game overall. We need to score more goals because we have many opportunities to do so. We've got to be more focused on set pieces. We will forget this elimination and head straight on into the other competitions."


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