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Bruno Genesio: "I'm proud to be the coach of this club"

Published on 23 November 2018 at 11:30 PM
Bruno Genesio : « une grande émotion sur le but »
Lyon's manager and his players spoke to OLTV after Friday's 1-0 derby win over Saint-Etienne.

Bruno Genesio

"It was a derby. I didn't think at all about the standings. These are two particular matches in the season. When we win them, we are all very proud. That's what I told the players. Of course, it's also important in terms of the standings. There are plenty of things to remember: it was a game of two halves, there was a defensive solidness that we hadn't seen in a long time, the self-sacrifice [of the players], the two exceptional saves by Antho (Lopes) that allowed us to stay in the match and then the performance of the substitutes. I started Fernando (Marçal) because he's a lefty and could end up in situations that he's very familiar with. I made my decision very quickly after the match against Guingamp. Since he was not on national team duty, we were able to work with him. We have resources. We weren't aggressive enough in the first half and lacked depth too. Maxwel (Cornet) has the ability to make runs behind the backs of the defenders. Our fullbacks got more involved in the second half.  I'm proud to be the coach of the club where I was trained, where I grew up. We have things to improve. Right now we're where we need to be in both competitions."


Maxwel Cornet

"It wasn't the most beautiful of matches. But a derby isn't played, it's won. That's what we did. We were lucky to have Antho (Lopes) in the first half. It was necessary to show another side of ourselves in the second half. It paid off. We are also able to hold on to the result being down a man. We need to keep this same state of mind for Tuesday's match [against Manchester City]." 


Ferland Mendy

"We played better football in the second half after a tough first half. We managed to create chances, apply pressure and score. I have no problem playing on the right side. I play where they tell me to.... Things went well with the French team, now with OL. Everything is fine."


Nabil Fekir

"The second half was much better. The main goal was to win. That's what we managed to do even though it wasn't a perfect performance. There is no injury. I felt a slight pull in my thigh. I didn't want to take any chances. I will be here on Tuesday."


Anthony Lopes

"It was a little more complicated at halftime. I was in pain. It's a very special feeling, especially for a people from Lyon. I just try to do my job. I did it well tonight."


Fernando Marçal

"I felt good. It was a difficult derby. We needed our fans. Another big match is coming [on Tuesday]. This victory is very important for team morale."

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