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Marcelo: "We are united and we trust in ourselves"

Published on 09 November 2018 at 12:01 PM
Marcelo : « On est unis et on a confiance en nous »
The Brazilian central defender spoke to the press on the eve of Saturday's visit to Guingamp.

A confidence problem?

"I don't think so. We trust in ourselves and our teammates. We're not playing very well, it's true, but we try to improve with every training session and every game. Everyone has their vision of things, but, I repeat, we trust in ourselves. We are shielded from criticism. It's football. If we thought too much about it, we couldn't work. We are united, it doesn't affect us."


The need for improvement

"We had a lot of opportunities against Hoffenheim. You have to concentrate to score more. We must improve defensively and offensively. We must not forget that there are two teams on the pitch. It's not always easy, the opponent also has qualities."


The match against Guingamp

"We have to try to play a good game. We are a great team and we must focus on the three points, which are essential for the rest of the championship. The fact that Guingamp have changed coaches doesn't concern us."


A three-man defense

"The coach has to decide... We must give our best regardless of the system. My performances have not been of the same quality in the last matches. This is part of a player's career. I was a little better in the last two games. I am also a human being and can go through difficult times in my life that can affect my football."



"He is motivated and is ready to help us. I don't even know why you're going back to this subject, it's already been resolved."


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