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Ada Hegerberg: "We played a smart game"

Published on 22 September 2018 at 4:43 PM
Ada Hegerberg : « on a été intelligent dans le jeu »
Reynald Pedros and his players spoke with OLTV after the OL Women's Team cruised to a 5-0 victory over Paris FC Saturday afternoon at the Groupama Training Center.

Reynald Pedros

"We'll wait a bit on Selma Bacha. There are some tests to undergo early in the week. The first half was very good. The opening goal was important. It gave us a little more confidence. There was a lot of variety in our game. We were somewhat more wasteful in the second half... We regained what we had lost in terms of aggressiveness."

Amandine Henry

"It was important to start off well. We wanted to get back to our usual selves after last match. Everything went well with crosses and shots. This is the solution to facing strong opposing defenses. We will get better."

Ada Hegerberg

We have to thank all the fans who came out today. It was a good day. We played a good match. We played a smart game against a team that lined up with five defenders. We circulated the ball well. There are plenty of things to keep before the next match. Every game is different. You must never stress and stay focused. We have completely achieved what we wanted today. It's positive. It's important that everyone scores. We have been effective.