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OL agree transfer of Mariano Diaz to Real Madrid

Published on 29 August 2018 at 8:00 PM
Communiqué : l'OL informe d'un accord avec le Real Madrid pour Mariano
Olympique Lyonnais have reached an agreement with Real Madrid for the transfer of striker Mariano Diaz for €33M (including €3M in incentives related to Real Madrid's performances in European competition), of which 35% of the capital gains obtained by Olympique Lyonnais as a result of this transfer will be deducted, in accordance with the conditions defined last year with Real Madrid (cost of acquisition of Mariano Diaz for Olympique Lyonnais: €8 million).

In addition, Olympique Lyonnais will receive 15% of the added value of a possible future transfer of Mariano Diaz.

Olympique Lyonnais recall that the transfer made last year with Real Madrid included no buyback clause for Madrid, but rather a matching clause reserving Real Madrid the right of priority in case a transfer agreement was agreed with another club.

Olympique Lyonnais thank Mariano Diaz for his professionalism and dedication throughout last season, and are proud that his performances for the club allowed him to return to the three-time European champion.