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Martin Terrier: "I had no doubts about coming to Lyon"

Published on 23 August 2018 at 10:06 AM
Martin Terrier : « Notre rêve était qu’un d’entre nous réussisse dans le foot »
Signed during the winter transfer market, the 21-year-old forward finally joined OL over the summer and quickly established himself at his new club by scoring five goals in preseason. Terrier looks ahead to his first season at Lyon, who face his former club, Strasbourg, Friday night at Groupama Stadium.

Martin, you're already up against your former club...

It'll be a special match because we lost at Reims. It will absolutely be necessary to catch up and beat Strasbourg. It will also be a special moment for me because I'll reunite with my former teammates. I try not to think about the match before taking the pitch. At this moment, I don't ask too many questions.

What can you tell us about Friday's opponent?

They've started the season with good results. It's a very courageous team... a good team that's made some smart signings. They deserve to be in L1. Any weak spots? Sometimes they'll concede spaces during matches. They lack consistency. Occasionally there are some problemas with concentration, which is something to take advantage of. Players to watch? There are several of them. Jonas Martin is the main guy. He's a very good friend of mine, but I remain objective (smile). He's a very good player. They also have Dimitri Liénard, who's good on set kicks, and Nuno Da Costa, a very active player.

What did you learn during your season at Strasbourg?

It was my breakout year of sorts. I didn't play much with the first team at Lille, the club i came out of. Strasbourg gave me confidence. I gave my all, especially in the first half of the season, and I improved. The second [half of the season] was a little trickier for me because of injuries.


And what have you come to OL to learn?

I want to continue my evolution. This is the club I needed to join in order to take the next step. I learn something new here every day. I hope it stays like this because everything is going very well right now.

You had a tough end of the season with Strasbourg. What was your mindset when joining OL?

I ended the season injured. I was running out of time, but there was no doubt. I have good people surrounding me. I know my abilities and I know that with work, everything else takes care of itself... Given the quality of this squad, they put me right to work and I adapted well. This was evident with the goals and assists I had during the preseason. That's what counts for an attacker. Of course, it also helps to reassure yourself. The first game against Sion did me a lot of good when I scored a goal as soon as I entered the match. That immediately gave me confidence. I think my teammates also saw me differently after those goals. When you're new, it's important to score points from the beginning ... I was transferred when I was having physical problems. I had to manage that, it wasn't easy. I may have put too much pressure on myself. I'm a young player..


What are your ambitions for this season?

I got some playing time during the first two games. At first, I wanted to earn my place. There are some very good players at my position. You have to learn from them and try to shake up the pecking order. This will happen by making the most of my chances. 

Is there anything that keeps you going, even in difficult times?

I am very close with my mother. I have always had a very special relationship with her... I have two older brothers who also play football, which helps. I am the youngest. They are always there to support me. Our dream was that one of us would succeed in football. So they try to give me all the strength I can to keep doing what I'm doing. I also have a girlfriend who I've been with since Strasbourg. Having my privacy is key, it's very important to me.

What do you do when you're not playing football?

I rest... I like to walk. Lyon is a beautiful city... I don't really watch other sports. Only football. I am passionate. I watch all the matches I can, different leagues, women's matches ... I try to analyze the attackers, their way of playing, how they move, to learn. It's good to take in as much information as possible.

You're living in your third city in two years. How do you handle that?

I moved to Lille when I was six years old. I went to school there. I am very much in love with my city. It's in my heart. It was very difficult for me to leave the family cocoon, that was a first when I went to Strasbourg. It allowed me to discover myself as a man. I was pleasantly surprised at how I fit into a new group and city, although it's always difficult at first. That's why I no doubts about coming to Lyon."