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Léo Dubois: "OL is where I had to go, I knew it"

Published on 09 August 2018 at 3:42 PM
Léo Dubois : « c’était le club où il fallait que j’aille, je le savais »
Leo Dubois has taken little time in making a big impression at Olympique Lyonnais. The newly-arrived right back and former captain of FC Nantes is quickly becoming a key part of Bruno Genesio's squad ahead of the 2018-19 season. The 23-year-old recently spoke to Tribune OL about his his first days with the club and what he hopes to achieve in Lyon.

Léo, how has your first preseason with OL gone?

We played our matches and established some benchmarks on the pitch. The preparation is coming to an end. We’ll continue this way since we had a good preseason. On Sunday we get into the thick of things. It's good. Personally, I feel very good. I’ve adapted well. There are always little things to perfect. But that's normal, I just got here. I’m happy. I will try to improve with each match and training session.

What was it like being captain in last weekend’s friendly vs. Inter Milan?

I found out just before the match. I’m very happy that the coach has such faith in me. It’s something that I was used to last season with Nantes. So I took it in stride. Everything went well. I’m a very expressive person on the pitch, it’s a part of me. Changing clubs doesn’t change anything about me at this point, it’s my personality. Being captain doesn’t bother me, on the contrary.


What are your goals for your first season at OL?

I want to play as many matches as possible. I want to experience the Champions League, play big matches. It's really interesting to me. I will do everything I can each day to be able to experience these moments. In terms of numbers, I don’t have any specific goals, especially in terms of assists. Things will take care of themselves. My main goal is my defensive work. The offensive statistics will work themselves out.

How important is your versatility as a player?

It’s always interesting to be able to play several positions. I'm able to play on the left, even though I feel very good on the right [side]. I even played in the left side of midfield last season. This helps the team in several situations. It's something positive. If I need to help the team by playing in a position other than the right side, there’s no problem. Playing multiple positions gives me more opportunities than the competition… I get along very well with Rafael and Kenny Tete. We work well together… I just put in my work, then we’ll see what happens.


What tipped the scales in favor of OL when you made your decision to sign with the club?

Everything happened very quickly in my head. When I learned that OL was interested, I told my agents to speed things up. It was the club where I had to go, I knew it. The negotiations went well. I knew I would feel good here. And that's how it’s been every day. OL is a big club.

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