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Nabil Fekir: "I am very good here in Lyon"

Published on 06 August 2018 at 3:59 PM
Nabil Fekir : "La fierté est immense, il faut profiter de ces moments uniques"
Recently crowned World Champion with France along with former OL teammates Corentin Tolisso and Samuel Umtiti, Nabil Fekir returned to training Monday morning. The Lyon captain spoke to OLTV about the upcoming season, which will see the club return to the Champions League.

How were your holidays?

They went very well. It was necessary to enjoy and spend time with my family. I needed it after this beautiful World Cup (wide smile). It's nice to see my teammates, the staff and the fans again. The break was good, even if it was a little shorter than those of the others. I still enjoyed it and it feels good. After a while, you can’t wait to come back because you start to miss playing football. But it’s true that we’re also on vacation (laughs). I'm happy to be here. Now it's time to get back to work

Exactly, you started with a big session…

Straight to it, they didn’t cut me any slack. (laughs) But that's good because I'm a little behind my teammates in terms of preparation. I need to catch up with that. I worked a little during my vacation. It's impossible to stop the sport completely… Here, there are people to supervise us.

Can you tell us about the fantastic summer you had?

It was an exceptional adventure that ended really well ... There were good matches, good times, others a little more difficult as well ... but, on the whole, we only remember the best parts.

Do you realize that you’re a World Champion?

I’m trying to… Winning a World Cup, that’s something that doesn’t happen to everybody. You need to take advantage of these moments and enjoy them as much as possible.

It looked like the team got along really well, that the atmosphere was healthy…

Yes, the group got along very well. The atmosphere was very good, with a mix between young and old [players]. It was a homogeneous group. There were quality players. Even though we had a little trouble in some matches, we did the most important thing, which was winning the cup. I had the chance to play, unlike some other players. We won’t forget these moments. It was magic. Every player dreams of winning a World Cup, and it’s even more beautiful when it actually happens. A few years ago, I wouldn’t have imagined this happening, even though it was a goal. But it's true that it happened quickly. Today, I’m happy to be able to celebrate it.

How was the experience with Corentin Tolisso and Samuel Umtiti, who all came out of OL?

It’s true that we played here together with Coco and Sam. It’s a source of pride for us and for all of Lyon. We are proud of what we did. You have to take advantage of these moments because they are unique.

Has your status in the locker room changed since your return?

No, I'm always the same! I’m not going to think I’m somebody else just because I won a World Cup. My teammates congratulated me in the locker room, but now there is a season to prepare for with OL.

This Sunday, against Amiens, you will present the World Cup to the fans. Is it important to share this with them?

Yes, it’s important. They’ll be happy. It may be more important to them than to me because I’ve already enjoyed it (laughs). It's up to them to take advantage of this now.

There was a lot of talk about you leaving. Do you plan to stay at OL?

As you can see, I am here in Lyon. I am very good here. But the transfer window is still long and everything happens very fast in football. We don’t know what will happen in the future, but I am very good at OL. I feel great in this group. We have very good players, there is a good atmosphere. It's a bit like the French team: there’s a mix between young and old, with some more experienced players than others. This is a good group… We get along well and I hope that OL will have a great season.

OL are back in the Champions League…

It was important to qualify for this tournament. OL is an ambitious club that always wants to improve, be at the top of the table and play in the major competitions. We are lucky to be able to play this magnificent competition. I hope we have a good journey, aiming as high as possible. I’m a competitor. As for my ambitions, I keep them to myself. Every year I set goals and I hope to reach them.