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Bruno Genesio: "We played a good match against a Champions League-level team"

Published on 02 August 2018 at 1:16 AM
Bruno Genesio : « Un très bon match face à une équipe de niveau Champions League »
Lyon's coach spoke to OLTV following Wednesday's 3-2 preseason win over Benfica

Bruno Genesio
There are reasons to be satisfied. We won, we scored three goals and there were some great moments of play. We still have to improve defensively. It was a very good preparation match against a Champions League-level team. It was interesting. We changed the system during the second period because we started showing some weakness. There was a lot of fatigue. The 4-4-2 diamond requires a lot of effort, especially for our midfielders. We switched to 4-3-3 to rebalance the team. After that, we were in less trouble. We'll continue working. The start of the championship is important. So far, our preparation has been going well.

Bertrand Traoré

We’re raising the intensity level. These are good preparation matches. We knew how to change the system. We finished with a 4-3-3 formation. It's a real plus for us. We’ve been working on these systems since last season. We didn’t give up even though it was difficult... The goal? I scored a pretty nice one. I feel very good.

Martin Terrier
I’ve been pretty successful since my arrival. I hope this will continue and that I’m able to keep the goals coming this season.

Benfica are a great team, they play well. It was a really tough match, but we managed to get the win… It was an usual match for me, with a goal for and against my team.