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OL Escape by Game Of Room

Published on 24 January 2020 at 8:00 AM
Groupama Stadium : OL Escape | Découvrez l'Escape Game de l'OL
Experience something never seen before in the middle of the Groupama Stadium: play a Live Escape Game right inside the stadium, solve puzzles and find the exit in less than an hour!


Live Escape Game

1 hour- 1 team - 1 experience


OL Escape is an escape game that consists of escaping from a room in less than 60 minutes, by solving clues, searching and a good deal of logical thinking. In a team, break through the mystery of the OL Escape and experience something special in a unique setting.

ico-une-pieceA room

You are shut into a room with your friends, your family, your colleagues




An hour to escape
You'll have60 minutes to escape the room.
Think, cooperate and act fast!


ico-une-aventure-inoubliableAn unforgettable team adventure
The location, the scenario, the background noise… everything is setup to immerse you fully and make this adventure among friends an unforgettable one.




The basic idea is simple: you are shut into a room (in a team of 3-6 players) and you have an hour to escape. In order to do this, you have to solve puzzles.

This game is open to the whole public: there’s no need to know the history of the OL club and even less need to know much about football in general..


This is an activity that calls upon your capacity to observe, deduce and also to employ common sense.

Only logic and a strong team spirit can help you exit a room full of mysteries. As a family, among friends or colleagues, this experience is made for you.

OL Escape is put together by the GAME OF ROOM company, that offers several rooms; have a look on their site


The Escape Game …

A united stadium and the murmur of the players’ tunnel, resounding victories and bitter defeats, the heart of a stadium containing many mysteries. To be able to get out in an hour from the room in which you’re enclosed, you’ll need a well-oiled game plan and  plenty of cooperation.

But take care, the Groupama Stadium has plenty of surprises in store… It’ll take a smart team to discover its secret…

Come and experience and unforgettable adventure in the middle of the Groupama Stadium, discover a room filled with puzzles in the Olympique Lyonnais colours and involving OL’s history to decode the messages...



OL ESCAPE is available from Tuesday to Saturday at the stadium. There are six time slots per day from 1000 to 1900 with prices starting from €25 per person.

To book your Live Escape Game, visit and go to the Expérience - OL ESCAPE section or contact customer service via or 0 892 69 69 69 (€0.05/min)  

The first OL Escape is available on Friday 10 February

Book your Escape Game now and come to the stadium to experience a wonderful adventure!

Book your OL escape here

Explore the OL Escape match pack Découvrez le pack match OL Escape

Three time slots available: MAtch -2h45, Match -1h30 or 10 minutes after the end of the match. Enjoy the experience before or after the match!!



The idea came to us from the Japanese escape video game called Escape the Room. The first company to create a proper, life-size escape game is Scrap, which opened their first game in Kyoto in 2008 under the name The Real Escape Game.

The game was subsequently opened in Asia and notably in Hong Kong, then went worldwide after 2010 with other openings in Hungary in 2011, London in 2012 and Bern and Seattle in 2013.

In France, the first room opened in December 2013 in Paris and the concept of a life-size escape game is now to be found in all the great cities like Paris, Marseille, Lyon, Toulouse, Lille, Grenoble… The concept is attracting more and more people and companies looking for original and fun activities.