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Bruno Genesio : « We usually come up big in important matches »

Published on 02 February 2018 at 11:05 AM
OL's head coach spoke to the media ahead of Sunday's Week 24 clash with Monaco.

Injury update

« Everyone is operational. Lucas Tousart is suspended and Maxwel Cornet is undergoing treatment as a precaution for a slight pain in his calf. »

Lucas Tousart's suspension

« There will inevitably be a small change in the formation compared to last match. We will find the most effective solution to be successful on Sunday. We do not have a perfect replacement for a defensive player like Lucas Tousart other than young Academy players like Elisha Owusu, who is still too young. »

Sunday's match at Monaco

« It’s a big game. We are capable of beating them. We’ve already done it twice, but it doesn’t give us a psychological edge… I think we will control possession. They are very dangerous team, they’re quick in attack… We’ve dropped too many points against poorly ranked teams, especially on the road. We usually come up big in important matches. »


Last week's setback vs. Bordeaux

« We were not dominated by Bordeaux. We played a poor first half. Despite everything, we were not in serious danger… we played better in the second half. Bordeaux played a good match. I didn’t sense any complacency on our part. It’s one of those matches that sometimes happen during a season. »

Thoughts on the winter transfer market

« We got what we wanted with the arrival of Oumar Solet. We’re also happy with the two players (Léo Dubois and Martin Terrier) who will join us at the end of the season. As for those who’ve left, I am very happy that Clément Grenier has found a club where he will be able to express himself and succeed. It’s never easy. Clement has behaved very well as long as I’ve known him. For many reasons, his future was no longer in Lyon. »

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