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Grégory Coupet : « To be able to continue my adventure at OL is huge for me »

Published on 10 January 2018 at 12:36 PM
Accompanied by club owner and charmain Jean-Michel Aulas and head coach Bruno Genesio, Grégory Coupet was officially introduced as Olympique Lyon's new goalkeeping coach on Wednesday.

Jean-Michel Aulas

« Grégory Coupet  returned to OL in January 2016 to prepare for his certifications and start training young goalkeepers. Today he replaces Joël Bats. I am obviously very happy. All charismatic players like him who were a part of OL history are welcome here. I want to congratulate Bruno Genesio on the achievements during the first half of the season. We are not certain we will sign any players during the winter market. We haven’t had any long-term glitches so far. »

Grégory Coupet

« I knocked on the door and they answered. It all happened naturally and to be able to continue my adventure at Olympique Lyonnais is huge for me. I hope that I have left a legacy here as a keeper. Mathieu Gorgelin and Anthony Lopes prove to me on a daily basis that they have the will to give their all and learn under my leadership. For Anthony… the goal is also to become the number 1 keeper with Portugal… I will bring enthusiasm and make the sessions lively. I need the training to be interactive, I want the keepers to respond to my madness. I’m going to take advantage of what Jo has already put in place. »

Bruno Genesio

« The club has always wanted to bring former players back into the team or the youth ranks. It’s a strategy that is a big part of the club’s success. Greg fits perfectly into this strategy thanks to his skills and his past a great player for club and country with the French national team. He has chosen to share his experience and skills… We have known each other for almost 11 years, which makes things easier. »