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Bruno Genesio : « We made it difficult for ourselves, it should serve as a lesson »

Published on 06 January 2018 at 11:16 PM
The Lyon coach and his players spoke to OLTV after Saturday's hard-fought win over Nancy in the Coupe de France.

Bruno Genesio

« We made it difficult for ourselves while controlling the match. We failed to score the second goal. But the team showed character and talent, that’s what it takes to turn the match around like we did. It must also serve as a lesson for us. We got too fancy at times, too many touches. Qualifying is the most important thing… We have a squad that can play multiple competitions, so we won’t complain… Amine Gouiri’s performance? He played a good match. Unfortunately, he couldn’t score. For a first start, it was a very encouraging performance. It wasn’t easy. I found it interesting. »

Anthony Lopes

« We’ve achieved our objective. We complicated things ourselves. We should have headed to the break with a bigger lead. We tried things that didn’t work. They tied the game on a questionable penalty. We showed great strength of character to turn the score around and win. This competition is one of our objectives. We want to bring a trophy to Lyon. There are still many stages left, we’ll see what happens with the draw on Monday. »


« It was a difficult match, especially after the break. We didn’t manage to score a second goal [before halftime.] We are still happy to have qualified… This is the first goal I’ve scored for Lyon in my first season here. I hope to score more. I am very happy here. They do everything they can to make the players happy. » 


« We are happy to get the year started. We made the game difficult for ourselves… I did some good things, but there are other things I should have done better. I want to be important to the team. »

Nabil Fekir

« It was a crazy game. We did what we had to do. A penalty is part of the game, we need to find ways to get the machine going again. The team is mentally strong and it’s something we've seen many times already this season… The free kick? You have to be smart. Maxwel was feeling very good so we let him shoot. I am very happy for him. » 

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