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Published on 25 August 2017 at 4:09 AM


Helping young people who have the will to success and construct a future seems to us to be a moral and civic duty. That’s exactly what led us to create Sport dans la Ville. With the birth of L dans la ville, we wished to allow the districts young girls to have access to sportive and cultural activities in order to improve their social and professional integration.

Philippe ODDOU, 
General Director of Sport dans la Ville.

Partnership Presentation
Major actor in France in the integration area, Sport dans la Ville leans on sport for more than 10 years to carry on district young people in their social integration and their professional carrier. Founder partner of Sport dans la Ville, OL Foundation chose since 2009 to implicate itself in “L dans la Ville”, which aims to implicate young girls in the different activities the association propose.

Meetings are organized all the yearlong to allow young members to share moments with OL female players, godmothers of this program.

Sport dans la Ville on Internet : www.sportdanslaville.com


When I started my carrier, 2 out of 10 child’s recovered from cancer, today there’s 8 out of 10. To continue on this considerable improvement, it is essential to individualize treatments because a same cancer can have different pathologies depending on the patient."

Thierry PHILIP, 
President of the committee of founds collect for the Léon Bérard Center.

Partnership Presentation
Considered as a reference hospital in term of cancerology at the national scale, the Léon Bérard Center is also a recognized research pole. Since 2011, OL Foundation accompany the Center in its goal to integrate the European top 5 of the expertized centers to fight against the cancer with a double stake: participate financially in the research work and support the Center in its call for funds campaign.

OL Foundation set up the challenge “some goals against cancer” and donate 1000 euros at the Léon Bérard Center for each realization in L1. Moreover, some wingspan operations are organized during the season and implicate the whole Olympique Lyonnais. Since 2011, the whole club mobilization allowed to donate more than 350 000 euros to the Léon Bérard Center.

Le Centre Léon Bérard on Internet : www.centreleonberard.fr


For 10 years, Jobs&Cité Stadium operation attracted a hundred of partner companies, more than 15 000 candidates and allowed 2000 people to find a job. Today, when unemployment reaches numerous young people and less young persons, it seems essential to us to continue to look for persons who are in the margin of the classical plans of professional integration to help them, propose them accompany devices and give them back hope."

Abdel BELMOKADEM, Creator of the Jobs&Cité forum.

Partnership Presentation

Since 2007, Jobs&Cité Stadium forum gather almost 1000 candidates and 15 companies for hiring preliminary interviews. Founder partner, OL Foundation carries the association on this major employment operation which, after Gerland’s lodges, are taking place in the Parc Olympique Lyonnais lounges since 2016.

Find them on internet : nesetcite.com


Developing the entrepreneur spirit allows each young to take in charge his future! The EPA role is to help the young person to develop his employability and his adaptability through concrete, playful, pragmatic and federative projects."

Delphine ESCOLIN,
Regional director of EPA.

Partnership Presentation
OL Foundation contributes to the deployment in the Grand Lyon of the “mini-companies” program, which aims to get middle school pupils, high school and BTS students in the process of creation and management of a company. Imagination of a product concept, market study, conception and commercialization: many steps that allow these young citizens to confront the reality of the work world and to manage their activity with a true professionalism.

Last May 4th, OL Foundation gathered with a great pleasure the 15th edition of the Rhône-Alpes show of the EPA mini-companies in the new Parc OL.

Entreprendre pour Apprendre Rhône-Alpes on internet : epa-rhonealpes.fr


Which one of us can be sure that his kids will never have any contact with drugs? Who can be certain not to skid one day because of a bad frequentation, a desperate moment or a bad luck stroke? Nobody. We don't defend rapists, robbers, crime professionals, who are only representing 15% of the French detained, but those that the fate led on delinquency way."

Pierre BOTTON, 
Ensemble Contre La Récidive President.

Partnership Presentation
Ensemble Contre La Récidive is an association which goal is to fight against prison choc and recidivism by conducting global actions in order to offer better conditions of detention to the whole prisoners. Since 2010, OL Foundation supports the Ensemble Contre La Récidive work for the professional reintegration of the prisoners.

Find them on Internet : Ensemble Contre La Récidive


Following a project call conducted in 2013, Olympique Lyonnais supports the structuring of region Rhône-Alpes clubs by co-financing 14 contracts of potential with an engagement of 5 years to help these clubs perpetuating these jobs and promote employability within non-professional sport.