Masculins / OL Foundation


Published on 24 August 2017 at 10:13 AM

Olympique Lyonnais can count on the support of partners who are attached to values of solidarity and club engagement to develop its social politic.

I wanted to associate Pathé to the creation of OL Foundation because it seems important to me that the major club partners involve themselves in the social part development. After working with Sony Anderson, I am very happy to collaborate today with Bernard Lacombe, and to ensure the impact of the implemented actions."

Pathé President and OL Fondation Vice-President


In the continuity of its engagement, Cegid wished to associate itself to the OL Foundation creation in order to mobilize its skills and human resources, especially on the subjects dealing with integration for which the Group is particularly affected.

General Director of Cegid Group


Adidas has chosen to associate itself on a long time with Olympique Lyonnais. This partnership demonstrates our adhesion to the club values and especially this conviction that the sport should be a social link. So we have naturally choose to engage ourselves to support the actions carried by OL Foundation.

General Director of Adidas