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Bertrand Traore: ‘We can achieve a lot this season’

Published on 24 August 2017 at 9:10 AM
A little over 48 hours before the trip to Nantes, Bertrand Traoré was in the press room to talk about his second league trip and his positive start to the season.

Your settling in

“It’s gone really well, I feel pretty settled. There’s a good vibe and we’ve started the season well. I’m used to it as I change club every season (laughs). But it’s true that it helped me. If we’re doing well as a team, we’ll do well individually.”

Your team's start to the season

“We have a talented squad. We’re starting off, we have to get to know each other and to know each other’s game and get through the season together. We can achieve a lot this season. I’m not surprised, I’m happy to be here and I hope I keep doing well here.”

The Bordeaux match

“We have to take it on the chin but somewhere in the back of our minds we see it as two points lost. We need to focus more on the positives and continue to improve. As a new player, it’s been important for me to settle in in the first three matches.”

Your game

“I think that there are plenty of things for me to improve. I think I need to be more decisive, I need to score more goals and mark up more as well. I don’t like to set myself too many goals. What’s most important to me is the final result and the win.”

Your understanding with Nabil Fekir

“It’s come naturally. Nabil Fekir is an extremely good player. I really like linking up with him, playing quick touches together. We understand each other and get along very well together. I adapt quickly enough. Things have come together naturally. We practice together all the time, so we’ll naturally develop an understanding.”

The French league

«“It’s up to me to settle into the league and work to get up to speed. The style’s a bit different. This is France, it’s more physical, more defensive and the pace is faster. In the Netherlands, it’s more attacking, more tactical.”

The free kicks

“Normally, everything’s worked out before the match, so it’s not really a problem for me. If it’s well-placed for Memphis and Nabil, they take charge of the situation and if it looks good for me, I have a chat and it’s good if it works out for me.”

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