Masculins / OL - OGC Nice

Jean-Michel Aulas's reaction

Published on 15 April 2016 at 10:38 PM
OLTV caught the OL president's reaction.

Ben Arfa is a player who has lost none of his talent. He is a world-class player and he will be sought out by Europe's biggest clubs. We'll see whether there's a chance once the season is over… We're disappointed and frustrated because Bruno pulled off a match full of panache, taking big risks that paid off. We saw a team that had the talent to get back into the match, equalise and then almost win it. Their determination was incredible; the goal gave our lads an amazing boost. There wasn't much in it in the end. It was a great match. The second half was really exciting. Anthony sometimes takes knocks that are much worse, but without a red card appearing. The card could have shut the match down completely. A red card at the beginning of a match carries a lot of consequences. The internationals scored points in terms of clinching a place with the national team. Just look at the individual quality.

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