Masculins / MHSC - OL

Bruno Genesio's reaction

Published on 08 April 2016 at 10:25 PM
The OL coach has this to say after his side's win in Montpellier.

Bruno Genesio

"I won't turn my nose up at it. The important thing was to take the three points. That has take us into second place and allows us to put even more pressure on our rivals who will play later in the weekend. I'm very satisfied with the result. We conceded a few too many chances, but 2-0 away from home is a good result. We started a bit timidly and struggled to find our rhythm. We struggled a bit but we managed to open the scoring by pressing high and winning the ball back. We know how important the first goal is in high-level matches. That did us the most good and we had done the hardest part of it by half-time. We just needed to cruise in the second half, even though this Montpellier side did pose us plenty of problems. We need to do better in this area. Fekir? When you're sidelined for so long, it's always an important moment when you return to action. It was the occasion to give Nabil that opportunity tonight. He could have scored. That would have been extraordinary. I'm happy for him. We need all hands on deck in this home stretch of the season."

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