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Published on 01 February 2016 at 3:57 PM
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The Olympique Lyonnais has always chosen to bet on the training, with the willingness that its young who are coming from the Training Center symbolize the values and the know-how of the club.

The best training center for 10 years

The best illustration of this, is the permanent talent pool which is feeding the L1 clubs and the big abroad formations. Karim Benzema, Hatem Ben Arfa, Loïc Rémy or Ishak Belfodil are, for example, some Olympique Lyonnais pure products.

During the past ten years, 47 players trained within the club signed a professional contract with theOlympique Lyonnais.

For the season 2012-13, 12 out of the 27 players of the professional team are coming from the OL Training Center, such as Alexandre Lacazette, Clément Grenier or Maxime Gonalons, who benefited of the pedagogic and sportive accompany of the club.

The Academy in numbers

Feminine section

More than 120 licensees split in 8 teams with :

  • 8 players in national selection
  • 12 players in regional selection
  • 4 players in the France Pole (INF)
  • 3 players in the Hope Pole (Vaulx en Velin)

Masculine section

  • 260 licensees split in 18 teams
  • 20 players in national selection
  • 28 players accommodated in the training center

Center ranking

Best Training Center for 10 years

winning for the 6th time in 10 years the challenge of the best club of young.

Elected best club of young in 2011/2012

This trophy discerned by the FFF takes in count in particular the results of the U17 and U19 teams, the ranking of the training centers and the number of players who are retain in national selections.

An Academy which is looking for excellence

Since its creation, the Academy enforces everything to have a true SRC (Social Responsibility of the Company) politic. That’s why, each young person who is integrating the Olympique Lyonnais Training Center benefits of a program conceived as an own life project, which combines sportive and educative dimensions.

The Academy, spearhead of the French training

The social and societal questions are at the center of the structure preoccupations. If the OL training politic is built on an exigent sportive responsibility to reach the “high level”, the base of it is a human responsibility with the willingness of taking care of everyone. The Olympique Lyonnais always wished to organize this social dimension by conciliating solidarity and efficiency within a global process.

With 9 other training clubs, the Olympique Lyonnais is engaged on a project which aims to produce a dedicated label, distinguishing the consistent practices of training with the idea of societal responsibility, in particular to conciliate at the best sportive training, academic formation and civic/human education.

The educative project

The schooling in the Olympique Lyonnais is part of a sportive and a civic project. The young football player must totally adhere to this double project for which the club provides for each level, adapted training for boys as well as for girls.

The goal of these trainings is the success, as testifies the 2012 bachelor degree with a “Good” mention and 3 “Good enough” mentions; but the goal is also to find an equilibrium in a way that allow to realize oneself as an individual and to prepare one’s reconversion.

For this, every scholar cell actor is listening to the young people, their parents and the educative teams of the partner institutions, taking care of accompany them all the way through their career. This accompany is occurring from the mid school beginning to the post-bachelor formation, though information, interviews, studies monitoring, support and daily advice.

A developing Academy

In order to develop a new training model at an international level, the club signed some innovating partnerships with other abroad clubs like the Lebanon club Athletico Sport Club Lebanon and the Chinese Football Association (educators’ and players’ formation, training system modernization, welcoming of young players from partner clubs, etc.).

The training organism and its actions

Since 2011, the training organism is registered under the existence declaration number: 82691202669

The OL training organism offers to enforce, for private and public organizations, skills development programs and trainings intended to ensure the employability and help to manage the employees’ end of career.

The skills development and the training politic are a key stake and must fit the social goals to satisfy the employees’ and the public powers’ expectations.

The OL training organism’s goals are to offer careers that permit to ensure the promotions access equality, to improve the employability and reduce the initial formation inequalities or disparities.

Réseau sport et Réseau Sport Excellence

The Academy relies on an important clubs’ network, where the exchange and the cooperation allow to:

  • Reinforce the image and the identity for the licensees, the parents, the sport actors (social link, identity, values…) for a real local and regional identity with the shared philosophy of game, operation, work and education.
  • Enroll some clubs in « RSE label » developed by the OL
  • Permit to integrate the best players to the Olympique Lyonnais

4 RSE clubs : FC Bourg Peronnas, Jura Sud Foot, FC Lyon, AS ST Priest

15 RS clubs : Ain Sud Foot, US Annecy le Vieux, FC Bourgoin-Jallieu, Caluire SC, SO Chambéry, US Davézieux, UF Maconnais, Montélimar US,  Cascol Oullins, Rhône Crussol Foot 07, Cluses Scionzer FC, FC Pays de l’Arbresle, FC Vaulx en Velin, AS Montchat Lyon, CS Louhans Cuiseaux 71.

The Cénacle : City of Education and Accompaniment to the Associative Employment Creation

The Association OL, the Olympic and Sportive Departmental Committee of the Rhône – CDOS 69, Profession Sport Animation 69 – CRIB,the OL foundation went closer through the CENACLE project.

This project enrolls itself in an innovative approach, between the associative sector and the private one, from mutualism of the human and financial resources necessary to the durability and the development of the social and professional link.

The CENACLE is the symbol of a societal philosophy, commune for all its participants concerning the place of the associative life within our modern society.

In this spirit, the CENACLE goal is to be open for everyone in a willingness of support and accompany in the realization of associative projects with an economic, social and solidary impact.

A gone dream

The traineeships OL holidays are proposed since October 2012 and are taking place during the school holidays periods.

This is a new concept that allows to mix creativity, pleasure, performance and emotions within the Olympique Lyonnais.

Open to licensees, boys or girls, born between the 01/01/2002 and the 12/31/2005 (U8-U9-U10-U11).

Evolving on the club’s pitches, managed by club’s educators, and practicing with the club’s outfits, the young people are living a dream week in the skin of an OL player.

This football traineeship relies on the Principles and Values of the Formation OL :

  • Mastering of the tactic, technic and motor of the young.
  • Development of the mental capacities useful fo the performance.
  • Opening of the young on the listening, the cooperation, the strategy and the management of the emotions.
  • Initiation to Futsal practice
  • A time lapse exclusively reserved for goalkeepers.