Masculins / OL - KAA Gent

Expert's eye

Published on 25 November 2015 at 9:41 AM
Christian Bassila spoke to OL TV to analyse OL's performance against Gent...

"It's very disappointing. When you analyse the match, you see that OL has plenty of regrets. There was a chance to pull it off. The coin fell the wrong side for Lyon. There was a moment where it all went wrong. It leaves a bitter taste. We should have caused them more problems. We lacked something to go and win this match. We were consistent over the full 90 minutes. It was decided on little details.

The turning point? It was Ferri's goal in the seventh minute. We opened the scoring very early and then let them have the ball. We sat too deep. Before then we had played well. The free-kick we gave away showed that we weren't in control, weren't calm. The equaliser really hurt. In the second half, the players didn't do too much wrong

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