Masculins / EAG - OL

The players' reactions

Published on 15 August 2015 at 10:06 PM
The players spoke to OLTV after the match between EAG and OL…

Kerbrat (EAG)
"It’s a big disappointment. We had chances to score. We were solid in defence… except for when they scored. We need to stay confident. The season is just beginning…"

Claudio Beauvue
"The most important thing was the team's performance. Tonight, it was I who scored, but everyone put the work in. I wasn't worried, or under any pressure to score. I knew it would come sooner or later."

Mathieu Valbuena
"It was complicated. But we have our values and an inextinguishable fighting spirit. In term of points, we now have four from two matches. Everyone defended well as a unit, but going forward, we lacked a bit of cohesion. Match by match it will arrive. For me, things went well tonight. I'm adapting. I've never played in this system before and I'm not yet fully fit. But I've had a warm welcome. We have a lot of objectives… this win is great for our confidence."

Anthony Lopes
"We knew it would get pretty crazy at the end. Fortune is smiling on us for the moment. It was difficult to get out to stop Diallo's header, because they took their set pieces really well. Two clean sheet? We're all very happy about that. Our play? We could do with a bit more rhythm, but that will come…"

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