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Clément Grenier continues his comeback at St Raphaël

Published on 13 October 2014 at 11:51 AM
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Des nouvelles de Clément Grenier à St Raphaël


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Currently working his way back to full fitness at Saint-Raphaël after under-going surgery on a pubalgia, Clément Grenier spoke to us about his daily routine...

"The morning starts with a warm-up that depends on the work from the evening before. On the mat or on the bike. Then it's muscle strengthening… core strength, abdos, working on the groins. We are working on the scar tissue, the stretching, and reproducing the movements that we do on a football pitch.

"Then it's off to the swimming pool. The morning is pretty much set aside to treatment and getting everything moving again, while the afternoon is where we do our real fitness work.

"The afternoon is a lot more intense. I do a bit of boxing and a lot of cardio work with a lot of intermediate work on the arm cycle… lots of stuff like that. We work on everything, the whole body as one, the heart, the upper body, the legs, the arms...

"We're surrounded by other athletes, there's a really good atmosphere, it's nice."