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Numbers before the ASM match

Published on 09 September 2014 at 5:36 PM
Let's have a look at some of the statistics between OL and ASM before the two sides clash on Friday night...
  • OL have shot more at goal in four matches with 69 efforts (20 on target and four goals); ASM have taken 39 shots (16 on target for four goals).
  • 2 goal scorers in each camp: Lacazette 3 and Malbranque; Falcao 2 and Berbatov 2
  • Lacazette is the Ligue 1 player to have take the most shots at goal: 18 (9 on target for three goals); Berbatov is seventh wiith 12 shots (seven on target for two goals).
  • OL have committed 63 fouls including 13 by Tolisso (5th most sanctioned team); ASM, 53 fouls and 12 by Falcao (11th). 58 fouls suffered by OL, including nine for Tolisso and Lacazette; 56 fouls suffered by Monaco, including eight for Germain.
  • 1 penalty scored and 1 conceded by OL; 1 penalty scored and 3 conceded by ASM
  • 0 goals scored by OL before the 64th minute. ASM's two fastest goals this season were both scored in the 45th minute.
  • OL have 3 points after four games, compared to seven points at the same time last season; ASM have 4 against 10 last season!
  • 20 Lyon players used (7 have played every match) compared to 19 players used for ASM (7 have played every match).


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