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Garde: 'Stability is important'

Published on 31 January 2014 at 10:39 AM
Olympique Lyonnais coach Rémi Garde held his traditional pre-match press conference and discussed his side's match away to Rennes, the team's current good form, the stability within the squad and... Juninho...



"Mou Dabo should be back working with fitness coach Robert Duverne next season. Miguel Lopes shoulder is better and he should be back working with Robert next week. It will take a bit longer for Yassine Benzia. Yoann Gourcuff? He has a little muscle fatigue. I will have to see whether or not I use him against Rennes, but I won't be taking any risks given the fixtures we have coming up."


"I saw everyone and was very happy to do so... I don't think anyone will be leaving between now and Saturday (smiles). And on Saturday, the Mercato will be finished. It is very satisfying to have everyone available, but it is also normal that other teams want OL's players. It's important to have a good squad and stability with the fixture list we have ahead of us. We didn't need to have too many discussions to keep everyone here at the club, where we are trying to do as well as possible. It's good, and for the moment we have made promises, nothing more. Will there be more pressure on me after these discussions and now that I have what I want? I don't think so. The objectives haven't changed. It wouldn't have been very fair to demand more now."


"It's still not the moment to talk about contract extensions. I work for the club, not for myself. I am working as though I was going to be here next season. I have a very deep attachment to his club. As long as it isn't a problem for the project of the club, it isn't a problem to leave things as they are. The right time? Perhaps you should wait to see if we reach our objectives or not..."


"Le championnat, it's the foundation at the start of the season. It will be difficult to reach fourth place let alone the top three. I can see several teams have will be giving it everything in the championship. It will be very tough. And of course, between what people and announce, and the actual reality of a situation, there is often a big difference. We just have to keep being ambitious and professional."


"They have a good squad that has just been bolstered in attack. Until now, they haven't been scoring much, but they haven't been conceding many either. They got a draw against Lille. They are always a tough team to play against. We have to ensure they don't find their form on Sunday..."


"I spent several seasons with him as assistant coach to Paul Le Guen and Gérard Houiller. I have a lot of admiration for the player, the competitor. For too long all people talked about was his ability to hit a free-kick. But he was a formidable player that knew how to bring others into the game. He was an example. From a human point of view, he also had a lot of qualities. It's always a little sad when such a great player finally hangs up the boots. But he will still be a great servant for football. He's passionate about the game. That's a good start to become a coach. But I haven't spoken to him for a long time. I don't know what he wants to do. Return to OL? I certainly wouldn't stop him! It's for him to decide."


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