Féminines / Wolfsburg - OL Women: D-1

Press Conference

Published on 22 May 2013 at 8:01 PM
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Patrice Lair, Sonia Bompastor and Lotta Schelin fronted up to the press conference at Stamford Bridge on the eve of their Champions League final against German outfit Wolfsburg.

Patrice Lair
It will be a very difficult final against an excellent opponent who has just done the double in Germany. They have a big squad and we will have to be at our absolute best, defend well and take our chances in front of goal if we want to win.

Our experience of these big matches is an advantage.

We must stay focused. I don't think my players are over confident. They are experienced internationals and they will be ready to go when that first whistle blows.

Sonia Bompastor

It's a final and we have to win. We all want to become even more a part of history. We have the chance to become the first team to win this competition three years in a row. We know what it feels like to win this competition in the last two years, we know how good it feels.

Personally, I haven't made any decision concerning my future. I'm just taking it one match at a time and enjoying myself... that means winning!

Lotta Schelin

I have the feeling we get better each year.

London brings back good memories because we won our first Champions League title here, two years ago. I have the feeling we get better each year. It's been a whole new adventure this season and we are focused on the final prize, even if memories of past victories can also help us."

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